Updated: Dec 9, 2019

We've all heard the saying, "mother knows best," well imagine your skin knows best when it comes to informing you about your overall health. Your skin is intelligent: it protects your vital organs, regulates your body temperature, allows sensation and acts as an indicator when something is wrong.

In a society obsessed with perfection, we want to remove or hide anything we don't like. We forget to ask or simply ignore why something has appeared, and instead focus our attention on how to fix it instantly.

When we have a breakout of spots for example, our instinct is to want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, rather than consider what your skin is trying to tell you. I can tell you because I have spent years understanding skin health in a bid to heal my own reactive skin.

Your top 10 skin saboteurs:

1. Cosmetic overload

5-step, 10-step, all you product junkies please stand up. Your skin only needs two things: oil and a little water. That's it! That's the big secret. You don't need to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars/days on your skin.

2. Environmental

Sun worshipping in the summer and central heating in the winter leaves your skin dehydrated. Pollution clogs your pores. Stress and lack of sleep age your skin.

3. Picking your skin

I've done it, we all do it, it can be addictive. Stop! Don't pick, pull or rub your skin. Massage it with facial oil; I've healed years of scarring this way. Facial massage is a gentle, natural exfoliator and encourages blood flow to the skin whilst stimulating collagen and elastin production; both essential proteins for firm, supple skin.

4. Using out of date products