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Facial Oil
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quite simply the best skincare product ever

Mary-Rose Lobo

My skincare journey began over 10 years ago when I first blended a face oil at home to treat my rosacea. I was desperate to find a natural solution to my reactive skin, which I had suffered with since my teens. I couldn't find a pure, high-quality oil blend on the market thus I decided to make my own. After many trials and transforming my complexion, I opened my first facial salon and began producing my beauty oils. Following years of dedicating myself to healing traumatised skin, I have developed massage techniques which I believe are a significant game-changer in healing and maintaining a healthy complexion.

SKINIRVANA was born out of my desire to treat my own skin, but in doing so and seeing the results, I found something that I loved and wanted to share with others. My beauty oils are to be used in place of your daily moisturiser, for morning and evening application, without the need for any additional products. Please see our FAQ for further information on the oil cleansing method I recommend.

Each SKINIRVANA beauty oil is hand poured, 100% natural, chemical-free, paraben-free, never tested on animals, contains over 95% ingredients from organic origin and is vegan. Each blend consists of seven pure plant and seed oils that when combined, work to restore the complexion by healing scar tissue, reducing fine lines and pigmentation, and enhancing the skin condition for a glowing and vital complexion.

I deal with every order personally ~ please reach out if you have any questions, or should you wish to talk skin care!

Mary-Rose Lobo - Founder

SKINIRVANA is an all-in-one multi-purpose face oil to be used on the whole family, and through different life stages. The combination of supercharged natural ingredients eliminates the need for an additional moisturiser– this product repairs and hydrates in one step.



Simply put, pure plant oil mimics the skin's natural pH level. When we strip our skin due to the use of harsh alkaline (above pH 7.0) cosmetic products or over-exposure to UV rays and other toxins, our acid mantle (the acid mantle is an acidic layer (pH 4.5-6.2) of sweat and oil that protects our skin from infection and drying out) is undermined, and leaves our skin open to harmful bacteria.  It is these bacteria which cause spots and other infections. 


Plant and seed oils are naturally acidic with an average pH of 4.0. Therefore, it makes skin sense to use only natural oils to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin. At SKINIRVANA, we use nothing but pure, unadulterated plant and essential oils in our beauty oil blends. 


Whether your skin is dry or oily, reactive or stable, all depends on the condition of your acid mantle. Imagine the acid mantle as a varnish on a wooden floor; without it, the wood is raw and prone to damage. It is vital we protect it. 



If you are not practising facial massage you are missing a trick! This has been fundamental in transforming my complexion over the years, and the results speak for themselves. Facial massage is nothing new; first records of massage therapy date back to 3rd century B.C. China, however, in modern times we have dismissed these ancient practises because they are not a quick-fix solution.

On the contrary, dedicated facial massage provides long-term results if you incorporate it into your daily skin care routine. I have created 40 tutorial videos to bring this ancient wisdom to the modern consumer, with catchy names and fun techniques that will appeal to all, and be easy to remember. These are available to SKINIRVANA MEMBERS. Below is a selection of tutorials for you to try. 


Transform Your Skin

Transform Your Skin

Transform Your Skin
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