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slow beauty journal 2024

I have created a Slow Beauty Journal for myself to prioritise taking things slower this year. This is something I really need to make an effort with as despite being careful with what I put on my skin, I am not nearly as precious with my time. I tend to overcommit and overwork, and I have to enforce rest or I don't stop.

I created this journal to give me time in the mornings to reflect on what I need to do for the day ahead, and how I can do it with the least amount of stress or anxiety. I have made a plan to incorporate all the healthy practices I know are fundamental to my wellbeing, and I have added in trackers to make sure I stay on target with my water intake, as well as checking in with my moods, habits, and goals.

I thought if this is useful to me, it may be useful to others – I include it below as a free download. Print out individual pages as and when you require them, and please do share if you know someone who may enjoy this journal.

Slow Beauty Journal 2024
Download PDF • 21.99MB

What does "Slow Beauty" mean?

The world of beauty can be a fast-paced, competitive, and often overwhelming space. It can be difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is possible to reclaim beauty in our lives through slow practices – slow beauty is a mindful attitude to taking care of ourselves that involves a slower, considered approach to beauty and self-care. It includes things like taking time to meditate, engaging in mindful practices like journaling and self-reflection, and focusing on natural and holistic beauty products. Slow beauty is about reclaiming beauty and taking the time to focus on ourselves and what makes us feel good. With slow practices, we can move away from the pressure of the beauty world and create a more peaceful and mindful outlook to beauty and self-care. 

Mary-Rose ♡

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