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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Banish that Blemish

We all know the story: Cinderella wakes up the morning of the ball to find…she has a spot on her face! Drama ensues until the fairy godmother arrives to sort it out.

We don’t all have a fairy godmother, but I do have a great recipe for an instant fix spot-on treatment!

You will need: Lemon juice Corn flour Additional: Tea Tree essential oil – anti-bacterial Ylang Ylang essential oil – balances oily skin Geranium essential oil – hormonal/teenage skin

Take a teaspoon of corn flour and mix it with some fresh lemon juice. Mix it into a smooth, thick paste. You will have to work quickly as you will notice the paste coagulates immediately. This is what makes it an ideal spot-on treatment! The corn flour will help draw out any excess oil from the skin whilst the lemon juice is an astringent, minimising pores and shrinking the skin cells. Beware if you have an open wound, the lemon will sting.

You can apply the paste to the blemish immediately and it will set to a rubbery, matte finish; keep it on for as long as possible before rinsing off with warm water. You will see a difference instantly!

For extra plant power add a drop of one of the above essential oils to the paste, depending on whether the spot is due to hormonal/teenage skin, oily skin or environmental factors. Please note if you are pregnant (first trimester) or trying for a baby it is best to avoid essential oils.

Once you have removed the paste, you can finish off the treatment by wrapping an ice cube in cling film and applying it gently to the affected area. This will aid constriction of the skin cells and reduce any redness.

Cinderella shall go to the ball!

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